C. Portal settings

This section describes the first steps, how to insert and administrate a Mitel UC360 as a SIP unprovisioned device.


SIP accounts will be registered on the administration portal as unprovisioned SIP device by the support team. You will find the SIP accounts under Elements / Devices. Please contact the support team. 




Please enter the portal.nfon.com with your userID and password.


2.Add a new device, detailed description here.


[1.] Select Unprovisioned Device.

[2.] Select SIP Unprovisioned Device.


A new window appears, [1.] please enter the MAC address of your Mitel UC360 device (can be found on the back side of the device!). Enter the MAC address without

" - " signs.

Please note: [2.] Enter the Site address, too!! This is the location where the device is placed! It is necessary for EMERGENCY CALLS!



After you have saved your entries, please change to the "TARGETS" area.

Please add here a new Target.

6.Add a phone extension.

A new window appears, enter here:

[1.] Add a name, e.g. Dik Linthout.

[2.] Add an extension.

[3.] Select new device.


[1.] Enter here again the MAC address to select your device.

[2.] Once selected, you need to confirm your result.

[3.] Select an outbound trunk, if the device needs an external access.

9.All the other settings for this device, e.g. voicemail, are described in the administration portal manual.

Now your Mitel UC360 is added and set up. For the settings of the UC360 you need the next information:

Change to Elements/Devices then:

[1.] Enter the MAC address (fast search).

[2.] This is your userID for the UC360 settings!

[3.] This is your password for the UC360 settings!

11.Now you can change the settings in your Mitel UC360 device.