2. Overview

See your Ncontrol at a glance. Here you have various options for configuring your extension.





“Process” gives you a detailed access to your call history, voicemail messages and incoming/outgoing faces.
Here you can view the telephone system’s main phonebook. You further have the option to add a private directory for managing your personal contacts.
With this button you can predefine and save conferences.
Under fax you have the option to link fax devices to your extension for faxing directly from Ncontrol.
Settings allows you to configure various settings for your extension and your desktop telephone, e.g. activating and deactivating call forwarding and queues, along with assigning function keys. Learn more here.
You can use Click-to-Dial with this button.
Under profile you can add multiple call profiles for your Ncontrol. Use the call profile to specify which call forwarding to enable for the extension. This allows you to configure and manage various call profiles for your extension, call forwarding doesn’t always need to be configure under the extension settings. E.g. for office, home office, holidays, out of office, break, etc.