3.1. Full overview

The full overview in the course of Ncontrol provides you with a good overview of your call activity. In addition to a detailed call history it also features a search function allowing you to search the call history. It also shows voicemails received and outgoing or incoming faxes.

- Click the respective tabs for a detailed overview.

You may further filter the call history by the name of the other party, or the time of the call or voicemail message.






Selecting and clicking on a call from your list will show the call details. You will subsequently have the option to forward the call by e-mail or, if the number is not yet in your directory, to add these to a contact in your private directory to create a new contact.


Forwarding a call via email




-Enter the recipient and subject here.
-You can either use the existing email template or compose a personalised message to the recipient.


Add number to your private directory




-Enter the first and last name of your contact.
-Clicking “Add" will save the contact to your private directory.




Search function


Use the search function to quite easily search your call function for specific calls or numbers.



-Click on the magnifying glass .
A search box opens in which you can enter the respective name or telephone number.
-Click on the magnifying glass to the right of the search field.
The call history will now be screened for the respective parameter