3.4. Voice mail

The voice mails tab shows your voice messages received. You will further be able to browse the list for the name of the party calling, the time of the call, or the time the messages was received.




Voice mails are only displayed in this section if your voicemails are not automatically deleted after receival.

-In the settings menu go to extension and voice mail.
-Click on Voicemail
-To ensure that voicemails are shown in your User Control voicemail section, the checkbox Delete voicemails once e-mailed may not be checked.



Selecting and clicking a voice mail message from your list will show you the details of the message. You have the option:


  1. to forward the message by e-mail

  2. save the message to your computer or

  3. click “Delete” to remove the message.




Forwarding a call by e-mail 



  1. Enter the recipient and subject here.

  2. You can either use the existing e-mail template or compose a personalised message to the recipient.




Add a contact

Add a contact to your telephone book.


-Click on Add contact
-Enter the name and a number.
-Click on Add.



Search function


Use the search function to quite easily search your call function for specific calls or numbers.



-Click on the magnifying glass .
A search box opens in which you can enter the respective name or telephone number.
-Click on the magnifying glass to the right of the search field.
The call history will now be screened for the respective parameter