3.5. eFax

The Fax tab shows your incoming and outgoing fax messages. You will also be able to search the list for the name of the sender or the time the fax was received. Learn more about configuration and sending faxes via ncontrol here.







Selecting and clicking an eFax from your list will show the details of the fax message. You will then have the option to delete the fax message directly in ncontrol.




After clicking “Delete" a new security screen will appear.


1.) Press “Confirm" to permanently delete the fax message.

2.) Press “Cancel” to stop the process.





Add a contact

Add a contact to your telephone book.


-Click on Add contact
-Enter the name and a number.
-Click on Add.



Search function


Use the search function to quite easily search your call function for specific calls or numbers.



-Click on the magnifying glass .
A search box opens in which you can enter the respective name or telephone number.
-Click on the magnifying glass to the right of the search field.
The call history will now be screened for the respective parameter