6. eFax

Click on when on the ncontrol home screen.


eFax by ncontrol allows you to send and manage fax messages directly from ncontrol!
Simply drag & drop to send fax messages to the recipient. You can then choose whether to enter the fax number yourself or select a fax number from the main phonebook.





Before eFax is ready to be used, it must first be configured.



In order to be able to set up your eFax in ncontrol it must first be set up on the site under ENDPOINTS/eFax (for details please refer to the administration portal manual). This will provide you with the information required to configure it in ncontrol.

Please click  and then choose "Fax".



Here please click:




After entering the Login and PIN data, the incorporated fax will be

displayed. You have the option to remove the fax by clicking "X".


Sending new  eFax messages



To send a fax message please click .

Under "PDF File" you will then be able to select a document to send as a fax message. You will be able to use either  to select a file from a local directory, or simply Drag & Drop the document into the "PDF File" field.



Under "Recipient" please select the address you wish to send the fax message to.


Here you have two options: You may select a contact from the telephone system's main directory or enter the fax number directly.

At the moment only unprotected PDF files can be sent as fax messages.

Further, the fax number has to be entered according to the international format (e.g. +91234546)



In addition, you can select whether you want to send a cover sheet. Here you can fix one individual subject line and a message per facsimile. After selecting a PDF document and specifying a fax number, press "Send Fax" to send the fax. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address specified by you.








After sending fax messages you will be able to see them in the overview in your history.


Select a fax from your process to view the Details and transmission status. 



You now have the option to add the fax number to a contact or permanently delete the fax.

After 10 days fax messages are automatically deleted and are therefore no longer available in Ncontrol. Ncontrol will only show the past 10 days' history, as faxes are also always emailed to the fax owner.