7.3. Linked extension



To obtain administrator rights for additional extensions on your telephone system please click , then select "Linked Extension".


ncontrol allows you to manage other extensions on your telephone system; this for example allows system administrators to conveniently keep track of settings of extensions.






The following will explain how to link additional extensions with your extension to manage them.



1.) The extensions overview now shows which extensions you are managing and their current statuses.
Until authorised by the owner of the extension you have requested to maintain, the status will be set to “deactivated”. Once the request has been approved the status will change to “activated”.


2.) Click "Add" to send an e-mail request to an extension.

IMPORTANT: An e-mail address must be stored under VoiceMail settings in order to e-mail the extension owner a management request. If no e-mail address has been added, the request will not be received and the status will remain "deactivated".

3.) Click "update" to update the list of extensions you are authorised to manage.

1.) Please enter the additional extension number you would like to manage.

2.) Maintaining another extension requires the approval of the respective extension owner. The owner will then receive an e-mail request with a confirmation link. Edit the message to the extension owner here.


3.) Please click "Add" to send the request.


4.) To cancel the process please click "Cancel".

1.) Use the drop-down menu to select which extension you currently wish to manage. The active extension is highlighted in green.


2.) Here you will see an overview of all extensions you are authorised to manage.


To no longer manage an extension simply "X" to remove the extension from your administration. This will not delete the extension itself, only its administration.
To select an extension to manage, simply click on the respective extension in the drop-down menu at the top left: