7.6.1. Graphical

Please click and select "Function keys" to configure your function keys.

There are two different options for assigning your function keys.



1. Device view



  1. Your extension is usually assigned to a fixed system telephone (snom Unify, Panasonic or Mitel). In this case, a diagram of the telephone with the available function keys is displayed.

  2. These are the programmed function keys with the respective names. The name indicated in the diagram is also the name you see on the telephone. This real-time display allows you to assign telephone function keys even faster and easier.

  3. Simply click on a function key to reassign or edit it. A pop-up appears.

  4. To reprogram or delete a function key please click "X". You will then be able to cancel the assignment of the function keys.




  1. Please assign a concise name to your function key. It cannot be more than 8 characters.

  2. Here, please select the function key type. I.e.:
  • Telephone number
  • Busy Field Light (BFL)
  • Intercom
  • Function code
  • Services

    Here, select the destination for the respective function key type.