7.7. eFax

To access your eFax settings click .

Simply drag & drop to send fax messages to the recipient. You can choose whether to enter the fax number yourself or select a fax number from the main directory. eFax has to be configured before usage.





To configure your eFax, the fax needs to be added to your targets in the administration portal (see manual administration portal for further information).



-Click on the settings menu and select "Fax" . 
-Click on the button Add new fax
The configuration dialogue opens.
After entering the login and PIN credentials the added fax will be displayed.
icon weiß

Click on the X symbol to remove the fax.  




This overview shows you all faxes you are connected to. To delete faxes from the list, please click on "X".

To add a new fax, please click on "Connect new fax".



When using multiple fax devices you will be able to set your default for sending fax messages. To do so, please click . The selected fax is now highlighted in yellow.





Manage cover sheet


You can add standardised cover sheets for your fax messages. To do so, click the "Cover sheets" tab.


To add a new cover sheet click




  1. Please assign a name, subject and default message for the cover sheet.
    Placeholder options under Subject and messages are:

    $DATE             Transmission time
    $SENDER         Sender fax number
    $DOCUMENT    Name of the file sent

  2. To add the cover sheet please click "Add".

  3. To cancel the process please click "Cancel".


When using more than one cover sheet, you may set a default for sending fax messages. To do so, please click . The selected cover sheet is now highlighted in yellow.