7.8.1. Functionality

Click-To-Dial initiates outgoing calls out of ncontrol with one click. Furthermore it enables you to decide for whom you'd like to initiate a call.


Please consider the two following options to use Click-To-Dial professionally:


1.) Please enter the number to be dialed into the click-to-dial input field as in the screenshot below and click . Then the number is dialed directly out of ncontrol. Please take the call as your desktop phone starts ringing. Subsequently the target destination receives an incoming call. As you have defined several profiles you can also decide whether you'd like to initiate the call just for yourself or for any person. Then please click .



2.) On the other hand you're able to use click-to-dial out of the address book or the message center. Please open the appropriate line and click .




For both scenarios, please choose an appropriate profile as you have defined one and click in the following window:



Subsequently, the desktop phone of whom you initiated the call receives an incoming call. As soon as the person takes the call, the target destinations number is going to be dialed.


Click the edit button in the previous window to edit the Click-To-Dial settings in which you are able to define several profiles. Equally, click   in the ncontrol navigation panel and choose "Click-To-Dial".